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Slightly embarrassingly I have had this site since 2007 when things in the property market were very different. I was persuaded to do so as some in the press were kind enough to ask me to write for them in the form of regular columns. As The Sunday Times Property Expert and Agent Provocateur in the Daily Telegraph it was much appreciated being able to give an agent's view on what was happening to the property market in London. Much has changed over the intervening period of course. This website survives although I haven't updated it for years, literally. It exists by virtue of the fact that editors don't like bylines that mention companies, hence the need to simply give this website address below any column. Having said that the reasons I set it up, to add a personal touch to anyone wanting to ask questions, remain as valid then and if you find your way here please feel free to ask me a question on any topic. These days it's really enjoyable being asked to contribute to a regular Money Hour slot on LBC (have a listen in menu above, scroll down to get the podcast) and op/ed comment like the FT one in the menu above. Everybody has a question they want to ask about property. Some are scared to ask because they don't want to be embarrassed, some don't trust the person they're asking or even know who to ask in the first place. Admitting when you don't know something is one of the first things anyone who works for me learns so if the answer is elusive I'll tell you where to go to find it..
Although estate agents still aren't licensed there are ways of checking you're getting a good one and a quick question to me might make a big difference. Most people will chose an agent, for instance, based on the fee and the price, and to do so based on those criteria alone is a mistake. Ask me what you should be looking for, I will tell you. Lettings is now as important as the sales market with more in the private rented sector than in the the assisted one, and I have to tell you that lettings agents are even less regulated than selling ones. Hopefully the fact that I sit on the Property Ombudsman Board helps in advising on such matters. Advice given here is independent of my main role as Executive director of Douglas & Gordon and sometimes to be independent really helps.

As someone who's been working in the Property business for almost 35 years and has been giving advice on camera, in national print and in person for many of these years I would like to extend an invitation to any of you to ask me any kind of questions you like.

If you want to see my CV please check the 'about me' tag and I hope you'll take advantage of a private and personal service that'll be unequivocally unbiased and to the point, regardless of how important or mundane you may think your question is.

Remember, you're dealing with what is probably your biggest asset and a simple piece of advice might save, or make you, literally, tens of thousands of pounds.
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